Building a Business

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So I have never done this before. 'This', meaning building a brand new business. I have spent my life being in service to others but never in business for myself. So how did this all come about?

Well, firstly, I had an idea. I then took that idea to Clint Reecer at WESST to ask whether it was something that might actually work or not. Initially my idea was to have a retail space off Old Route 66 with a Route 66 theme. I wanted to replicate that store I walked into in Redmond, WA. (see earlier blog post)

Through taking business courses at WESST and working in a mentor-ship relationship with Clint, I realized that a retail space in Edgewood, NM just was not viable. So I did what he called "a pivot" and came up with my current business model of selling from a mobile truck. He and other staff members at WESST kind of marveled that I could and would do this at all let alone so quickly in the process. I just thought it made more sense. Who knew I as so smart?!

Along with realizing building or renting a brick-and-mortar retail space wasn't going to work, I received sage advice from my other mentor, Justin Moulton from Guerrilla Graphix. I'd seen a KUNM anniversary T-shirt and loved the design and colors. So I called KUNM and they said that the shirt was designed by Guerrilla Graphix and that I should connect with them. That same day I did.

I went to see Justin and he did not hesitate to redirect me from the ubiquitous Route 66 theme and color scheme into exploring other options. I was impressed that this guy was willing to question my ideas and help me to see how I might be more successful going in a completely different direction.

We began exploring other themes as Justin became interested in my last name...La Plante. I explained to him the origin, which I discuss in more detail in an earlier blog, and he became fascinated with my family history. He suggested I use my last name for the company title and we went from there. I'll be honest, it felt weird and uncomfortable seeing my name emerge as the highlight of a whole branding package. I showed it to my other mentors and they got it right away. It seemed I was the only one hesitating.

Today, I am getting more used to it as I complete the forms and request business licenses etc. to make my business legitimate. I am thrilled to say that it is after only about six and half months that my idea/dream is quickly becoming a reality.

The bottom line here is that if I can come up with a simple idea and begin to create something out of nothing, anyone can. Once I become wildly successful, (after of course I sell my first bottle of pop and bag of popcorn), I hope to mentor others just like me who always wanted to build something of value and find ways to simply go out and do it. Just remember what I have learned...we NEVER do it alone!

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